Sun Rise II

"Hampshire" on site in Victoria

“Hampshire” on site in Oak Bay

 Sun Rise II will be the Home Trust’s “pocket neighborhood.”  A “pocket neighborhood”  is pattern of housing that encourages a strong sense of community among nearby neighbors, while retaining their need for privacy, with houses facing inward in the cluster.

Sun Rise II will have 12 single family homes, each completely unique, clustered along an attractive landscaped walkway. With this “pocket neighborhood,”  the Home Trust is taking an entirely new approach and is rejuvenating and recycling wonderful, well-built homes from the first third of the previous century – houses dating from the early 1900s to 1940.

The first three homes arrived in August of 2015; there are now 8 houses on site.  The first five houses have been sold and are now occupied.  Three houses now on site will be refurbished over the winter 2016-2017 and ready for sale in the spring of 2017.