Sun Rise I

IMG_1518Sun Rise I is the Home Trust’s second neighborhood of permanently affordable homes, located at the end of Grover St. near the Friday Harbor Elementary School. The Sun Rise I community has 14 homes consisting of attached duplex and triplexes on 1.3 acres of land arranged around a single courtyard.  Designed to be  environmentally friendly, these homes have solar hot water heating systems, rainwater catchment for laundry, bamboo flooring, air-to-air heat exchangers, and a “Living Machine” wastewater treatment system that will reclaim and reuse treated wastewater for toilets and landscaping; all aimed to reduce utility bills, conserve potable water, protect the marine ecosystem, and reduce global warming.

The homes in Sun Rise I are legally structured as condominiums.  Two of the homes may be sold to “moderate income” households (up to 120% Area Median Income), while 12 are reserved for households at or below 80% AMI.

As with Salal, there is a deed restriction permanently restricting the resale price, using the resale formula to determine the price and keeping the homes affordable while allowing the owner a share of appreciation on the home.*

*see “Resale Formula” under “Homebuyers”