Sun Rise Neighborhood

The Sun Rise Community will, when completed, consist of three smaller neighborhoods on 5 acres, located at the end of Grover St. on its south side within walking distance of Friday Harbor Elementary School.

The first phase of Sun Rise, Sun Rise I, consists of six duplexes and triplexes with a total of 14 attractive, energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes located around a central courtyard.  Construction of Sun Rise I began in 2009 with an on-time completion in 2011.

Sun Rise II, a “pocket neighborhood”* begun in 2015, will consist of 12 single family homes, each completely unique, clustered along an attractive landscaped walkway.  With this “pocket neighborhood,”  the Home Trust is taking an entirely new approach and is rejuvenating and recycling wonderful well-built homes from the first third of the previous century – houses dating from the early 1900s to 1940.  The first three homes arrived in August of 2015;  there are now 8 houses on site.  The first five houses were completed, sold and have been occupied by their owners since August of 2016.

Much of the planning for the third phase of Sun Rise, Sun Rise III, remains in the future.

The Sun Rise Neighborhoods, like Salal, have deed restrictions permanently restricting resale price, using the resale formula to determine the price and keeping the homes affordable while allowing the owner a share of appreciation on the home.*

*A “pocket neighborhood” is pattern of housing that encourages a strong sense of community among nearby neighbors, while retaining their need for privacy, with houses facing inward in the cluster

*see Resale Formula