Salal Neighborhood


The Salal Neighborhood is the Home Trust’s first neighborhood of permanently affordable homes, consisting of 15 single family homes on 2.4 acres off of Carter Ave., in Friday Harbor. To keep the houses affordable, the Home Trust initially worked with a modular building company.  The first 10 houses were factory built to the standard building code, brought to the site in sections and placed on their foundations with a crane.  The last phase of Salal, the final 5 homes, were custom built, exactly duplicating the first phase homes.

The  two and three bedroom houses are 1100 -1300 sq. feet, are designed to look like traditional island farmhouses and are energy efficient with clean air exchange units.




The Home Trust has made a huge difference in our lives. Our affordable monthly payments allowed us to save money and we were able to purchase the equipment to start our masonry business. Now we employ people and support the community. Thank you everyone for supporting affordable housing.”  -penned by one of the first of Salal’s homeowners who continues to live in and love their home in Salal.