San Juan Community Home Trust (Home Trust) creates permanently affordable home ownership in Friday Harbor.

  • Home Trust has built 37 new homes in three neighborhoods, Salal, Sun Rise I and Sun Rise II.
  • 52 families/individuals have purchased these 37 homes, to date. Twenty-eight children now live in them.
  • Homeowners are of all ages.  They work in many essential areas: schools, grocery stores, retail
    businesses, construction, health care and the arts.  Many are self-employed; some are retired.
  • IMG_7859Our homeowners  volunteer in the community: as EMTs, firefighters, in our schools, in the community theater, in the library and as Board members of the Home Trust and of other non-profits.
  • Sun Rise II, a development begun Fall of 2015, will be composed of 12 rejuvenated and recycled homes.
  • Durable, attractive, energy-efficient homes are sold to low to moderate income Island households.  Funds from grants and contributions that helped pay for construction are passed forward, from one owner to the next – using a resale formula to keep the price affordable.  The Home Trust also manages the re-sales of the homes and maintains a pool of applicants wishing to purchase who have qualified to buy affordable homes when one becomes available.
  • Permanently affordable homes benefit all Island residents and the long-term health of our