The San Juan Community Home Trust creates permanently affordable housing for low- and moderate-income island residents.  By doing this the Home Trust promotes economic diversity and development, and supports a sustainable island community while practicing responsible stewardship of our rural environment.

The Home Trust is a Community Land Trust (CLT).*  Our homeowners partner with us as stewards of affordability. The Home Trust is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  As a non-profit organization, the Home Trust can apply for grants and accept tax-deductible contributions from individuals, foundations and agencies that support home ownership.  With these funds, the Home Trust can subsidize the cost of land, infrastructure and construction of new homes.  Homebuyers must obtain a mortgage for the affordably priced home and also agree to limit the eventual resale price of the home to insure that it is perpetually (i.e., forever) affordable to working people.  The increase in resale price is restricted by a formula tied to the area median income, a statistic which is issued annually for each county by the federal housing agency, HUD.

orozco-family*A Community Land Trust, (a CLT), is a type of organization that separates the cost of land from the cost of a home.  The land is held in perpetuity by the nonprofit organization, while the homes are sold to qualified buyers.   Islanders are able to achieve the long term security of home ownership, to build equity and to pass the ownership of the home on to one’s heirs, who may live in the inherited home, if they qualify, or sell it through the Home Trust.